Sunday, October 24, 2004

Who is the Culprit: MSN or GMAIL?

For the past few days I have been receiving strange emails from a known email address with a domain! What happened was that a person contacted me on my GMAIL account via an email address with a Pakistani SMTP and IP address. I added this person to my MSN. After about an hour of adding this person, I received a sex email with an attachment that my hotmail account detected as infected. The ID was that of the person whom I had added - what differed was the domain. HOTMAL.COM, instead of (notice the I missing).

I was a bit surprised at having received such an email for my eye had interpreted the address as HOTMAIL's rather than HOTMAL's. It was only after a long and hard stare at my monitor that I managed to notice the mal.

It's kinda strange receiving an email soon after I have added someone on my contact. I wonder who could be the culprit. Was it MSN that somehow manages to leak addresses or was it GMAIL that patronizes such activities. Or could it be the Pakistani ISP?

Got any ideas guys? I, for one, am quite perplexed.

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