Saturday, October 16, 2004

Integrate IT education with Business Administration

The curriculum for most computer oriented disciplines such as computer science and engineering lack one crucial ingredient: business domain studies. Consequentlym the professionals floated in the market are unable to engineer visionary solutions. The comprehension of business domain is mandatory as, eventually, the professionals have to work for some organization.

The computer experts should excel in enabling innovative markets, integrating transparent supply chains and strategizing ubiquitous relationships as they do in harnessing and delivering robust information systems.

One of the first programs to integrate the disciplines of Computer Sciences and Business Administration was started by Hamdard University, City Campus. Known as BSBI (Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics), the program:

"is a unique blend of Business Administration and Computer Science courses. The Program has been designed to develop modern managers in the application of Information Technology in business activities to bring about changes in concepts, systems and organizational structures."

Other institutes like KASBIT have also started such a program. Other universities in Pakistan should also offer such degree programs.

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Keri Foley said...

Business Administration Education

This are just few of the best courses to have. IT education with Business Administration is probably a good course as technology and business were combined. IT, in terms of technology and being one of the in-demand course associated with BA which will teach us on managing a business.