Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Spyware has a good side

The purpose of spyware software is not to illegally monitor your Internet activities. Rather, it is to obtain information aboutconsumer tastes, preferences and behavior on the Net that wouldhelp the merchants in providing better goods and services. It is a giventhat consumers while on the Internet have very different attributes than when offline. And, market research is an absolute necessity to figureout this behavior pattern. Spyware is just another way to conduct this marketresearch about the wired consumer.

Like other things, spyware and adware technology has been exploited bycertain individuals/groups. The provision of net-adverts is whatkeeps necessities like email, MSN, Internet (in some countries), web hosting, 1000 MB Gmail service, voice mail, etc. FREE!

I have just come to know that the US has passed an anti-spyware bill. Absurd is all that I have to say. Even if spyware was all badand had no value-strings attached, how would such a bill be enforced?Internet has no boundaries; it has no demarcations; it has nolaw enforcement of its own; it has no judiciary and neither are thereany lawyers. The bill is a waste of time and money.

And what about the spam mail? Could it ever be stopped? Hardly.So before we Pakistanis think of following suit by adopting the bullshit legislations, THINK TWICE! We hardly have the resourcesto go chasing after something like this.

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