Sunday, October 17, 2004

If you can't beat 'em,join 'em

  • Did you know that 31% of all of Claria's sales come from Yahoo
  • Google Desktop may carry a virus. Read more about it at
  • Some search engines categorize their sites by vulnerability. This categorization is available for anyone to access. Hence, a potential source of worm attacks to web sites! According to a report in ComputerWorld Pakistan -July 1, 2004- both Google Inc., and Yahoo Inc. maintain such lists.
  • According to Jupiter Research, 12 percent of companies that advertise online utilize some form of adware marketing
  • From Jan 2004 - April 2004 EarthLink's SpyAudit has detected more than 7 million copies of adware programs and another 32 million instances of adware related cookie files.
There is no way out for the wired user, especially when trusted names like Google and Yahoo indugle in such activites. Malware is part of the digi-society much like criminals are of the real world. Learn to live with it. For IT professionals, I think we need to start developing adware of our own. At least this way we can mass advertise the local industries in the global market.
That is exactly what I am doing by endorsing malware in all its forms - of course, as long as the wares don't spread any Trojan horses or system jackers.

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