Monday, October 11, 2004

Freelancers Make Money Now!

Internet presents numerous opportunities for freelancers to show off their talent and earn some serious money. There are numerous web sites that offering projects for freelancers to work on. Some good sites are:
You can register for free, and then start to bid on projects that you want to work at. You can get paid easily through Western Union, paypal and a host of other options.
There are a number of categories available - from writers to programmers and any other field that you can imagine. Try it out. Its easy and it works.
Pakistan's unemployment rate has risen to 8.7 percent. We have a large underemployment rate. Speaking for IT graduates, supply is more than what the domestic demand can swallow. If you are just out of school, trying your hand at freelancing may not be such a bad idea. All in all, these web sites are a good bet to check out.

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