Friday, October 15, 2004

Google Desktop in Beta Testing

Google has struck again. This time the company has launced a search engine for your desktop - much like Google pitch claims that the users' data would never be transmitted over the wires. I find it hard to believe. How does a company continue to provide free services at no cost? It goes against the corporate nature - there are COSTS involved!
Obviously, adware and spyware is the what such free software transmits. So Google pitch is a pure lie! Dont believe it.
However, I am also a stauch supporter of advertisement supported software. Therefore, as long as Google can promise that no malicious code or virus would be transmitted through its network, I am willing to give it a try. I dont mind someone snooping on my online activity because I know that the benefits of advertisement based software are ultimately passed on to me - the consumer. Free email, Free chat, Free web hosting, Free blogs, Free business cards, Free voice mail is all because of advertisements on the Net.
Pakistan Developers need to start transmitting adware of their own!

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